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Make America your home

We have had the privilege and benefit of living in what has long been a global beacon of prosperity and security and the undisputed world leader in educational, career, and entrepreneurial opportunities. It is no wonder why thousands upon thousands people apply to visit each year, with most hopefully desiring to make it their home, this place we call the United States of America.


We can help you get here

We can help you arrive to the U.S. legally for a visit or to forge a pathway to citizenship, whether it be through a spousal, student, business, or investor visa.

Whatever predicament you may be in, contact us and we will be happy to give you a free evaluation of your situation and advise you on what legal courses you may have.


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Aventus lawyers provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and top quality legal services to each client.

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Why Aventus?

Aventus strives for top customer satisfaction with constant communication, no hidden fees, and full attorney participation.

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