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  • Flat rate upfront -- no hidden fees.
  • Personalized for your business.
  • On-call counsel without a long term contract.


You can get a better deal

When you let us negotiate your lease, we work on your behalf to get the best terms possible. Experienced negotiators at Aventus can minimize risks posed to you as a landlord or potential tenant while ensuring that the other party does not get by with unfair terms.


You need more than your broker

Leases, like all contracts, can be drafted in a way that heavily favors one side, and in a manner that is perfectly legal and very unfair. Don't settle for the form leases sent to you by your landlord or tenant. Take the time to speak to a qualified attorney to discuss your leasing needs.


We customize leases for your business

Whether you are an individual who owns a single piece of rental property or a publicly traded company with hundreds of rental properties, we can provide you with all your lease drafting needs. We can create one time leases; form leases that you can customize and use yourself for the future; and AirForm leases customized to your needs.


Why you need an attorney drafter

You may find template leases on the internet or from your friends, but in the long term this is a risky business decision, especially considering that valuable real property is involved.

Leases need to be customized after taking into account a wide variety of factors, such as the tenant's use of the premises, land use restrictions, state and local laws, and what type of tenancy is involved. Call us today to speak to us about your specific leasing needs.


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Aventus lawyers provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and top quality legal services to each client.

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Aventus strives for top customer satisfaction with constant communication, no hidden fees, and full attorney participation.

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