If your car wipers are on, you should turn on your headlights


With the rainy season upon us this is a friendly reminder that you should have your headlights on at any time you are using your windshield wipers for rain, mist, or snow, no matter how bright it may seem outside.

In fact, extensive studies have shown that using your vehicle headlights during even times of daylight will reduce chances of vehicle accidents, and significantly reduce chances of pedestrian and motorcycle related accidents.

A motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle, shall be operated during darkness, or inclement weather, or both, with at least two lighted headlamps [when there is a] condition requiring the windshield wipers to be in continuous use due to rain, mist, snow, fog, or other precipitation or atmospheric moisture.
— California Vehicle Code Section 24400

Be extra cautious while driving when it is raining and please be sure to keep your headlights on for your and others' safety.


author: Jay S. Yu, Esq.

Jay is a licensed attorney that represents only personal injury victims in California. Contact him for a free consultation today.