Aventus Personal Injury Attorneys -- Who we are & What we do

What is Aventus Law Group?

We at Aventus Law Group are licensed personal injury attorneys and lawyers that focus on representing people that have been hurt, such as victims of traffic collisions, pharmaceutical mistakes, or dog bites. We counsel such persons on what needs to be done immediately after the injury causing incident, and we are equipped with both the resources and experience to represent such persons from the insurance claims process, through to a civil jury trial, if necessary.

Aventus is composed of only lawyers and we do not employ paralegals or legal secretaries to handle your case. We make this possible by only selectively taking on cases we believe in, which ensure that all of our clients receive full lawyer-attention for the entire duration of their case. Read more about our team and philosophy here.

What sets Aventus Law Group apart?

We at Aventus Law Group dedicate 100% of our time in representing the rights of personal injury victims in court. We are not a general practice law firm. We realize the seriousness of every injury case and take up this solemn responsibility fully and have dedicated our lives to this niche field, as we believe this is necessary to represent our clients' interests against insurance companies.

What truly sets us apart at Aventus is our commitment and dedication to client communication and satisfaction. We know that every legal case can be a difficult and complex situation for our clients, and we understand this through the hundreds of cases we have handled for our clients. Our clients' reviews and testimonials consistently praise our communication skills and our willingness to serve our clients above and beyond what is expected of a typical law firm, and we are truly proud to have been set apart from other law firms in this respect.

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What can Aventus Law Group do for me?

If you or a loved one have been injured, we at Aventus can counsel you on whether you have a case against the person or business that may be responsible for your injuries. From our initial interview and investigation onward, we take over all communications and procedural steps required to get your claim resolved through a civil jury trial and appeal, if necessary. We work with our clients to ensure that their legal rights and interests are fully protected, and we do it in the most convenient and hassle-free manner for you while providing consistent and thoughtful communications.

Call, email, or text us now for a free consultation with a licensed attorney. You will speak with a qualified attorney within 24 hours, and likely much sooner.


author: Jay S. Yu, Esq.

Jay is a licensed attorney that represents only personal injury victims in California. Contact him for a free consultation today.